April 11, 2008

Mixed Media Note Cards

Hi Everyone,
I've just added new mixed media art print note cards to my Etsy store.
You can choose from a set of 5 cards or buy them individually.

Click here to view & purchase.



Carmen said...

Oh wow, I love these!!!!w

Leanne said...

Hi Niki! Just found your blog, I love your work!! So pretty and delicate! :)

Adriana Whitney said...

Hi Niki, thank you for your comment on my blog. I am so happy that you came because I found your blog and it's wonderful! I am goint to read your post and watch your videos now :D
Adry xoxo

Izabella said...


just stopping over to see what's new in your world! I see lots of pretty new things ;)

off to go watch some of your vids & catch up on the archived radio shows~