July 01, 2008

Healing & New Goodies On The Way!

Hi Everyone
Well I'm still resting my foot (trying to!) and let's just say Ellie jumping on it is not helping, Ouch!

Meanwhile I have been a busy bee, the vintage style greeting card class is all set up and ready for the next round starting July 7th yay! I am very excited about this as the first went so well.

I've set up a Ning network to host my online classes on from now on and it's so awesome, you can see all that is available from the main page:

I've also been working on new paintings and some other top secret things, if you want to find out what they are and see some progress pic of my paintings, please sign up to Creative Adventures E-Zine on the right :)

Have a great day!


Di said...

Hope you're getting better! Been thinking about you. Good luck with running your upcoming class. Sounds like fun. Now I'm off to read your newsletter! x