September 08, 2008

Just Do It & Stop Worrying!

I was catching up on my YouTube subscriptions and came across one of Wyanne's videos from a little while back, it feels so appropriate for how I've been feeling and I'm sure how others might be feeling right now too, check it out and let me know your thoughts:




Fantastic Figments said...

I AMMMMM SOOO in love with Wyanne! She is my hero!

Smooches Steph

Julia said...

A timely and so wonderful thing to watch and hear - thanks for sharing! xxx

Julia said...

A timely reminder, so wonderful to watch and hear this, puts you back where you need to be-what a fabulous woman! Thanks for sharing xxx

Di said...

Hi Niki - thanks so much for sharing that. Really helped me loads. Feeling a little frustrated as I'm not painting or drawing just now as we're in the throes of moving.

I'm excited though because we're moving from a 2 bed flat to an end of terrace 4 bed house which means I'll have my own craft/studio room!

Hope you're doing ok! x