March 01, 2009

OMG Yay!

Last night I switched the light on and to my utter amazement saw this!!!!!! I started jumping up and down lol My seeds have sprouted woohoo!!!! I really can't believe it, how amazing is that after only 5 days!

I've taken the lid off and moved them to a cooler room now and can't wait to see them grow more. It's so exciting to watch this. Incase you don't know what they are... they are sweet peas.

This afternoon I'm printing photos of our front garden to create a garden journal. I'm going to write out all the plants we have and when they flower etc.

I've been so behind lately with everything especially my art, we've just joined our church officially today and have had a lot going on for the church, plus I'm quite slow lol!

So this week I will be *trying* to get myself organised and add some new bookmarks to the shop and hopefully finish the new video!

Thanks for waiting for me.



Billy and Button said...

Congrats on the sproutings Niki! I am never able to manage plants, they die no matter how hard I try. So I can relish in your excitement, woohoo!

purplecat said...

I love sweet peas! congrats on officially joining your church, may yoube blessed greatly!

Julia said...

Isnt it lovely to see little green shoots popping up?
I really love your new bookmarks, no wonder you sold your first one straight away! xxx