September 22, 2009

Here For You

Here For You Mixed Media Painting by Niki Jackson

This weekend was fantastic! We enjoyed a lovely meal and a powerful talk at our church Harvest evening and then on Sunday I did my presentation for Compassion and it went really well! You can listen to it here if you would like.

‘Here For You’ is a comforting reminder that there is always someone there for you when you need someone to lean on, to give you a hug, to let you know everything is going to be ok, more than ok!

I hope you will enjoy this new painting and look out for more to come this week.



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ellie said...

oh, Niki! Can I just say how sweet and lovely that new painting well as the thought behind it? so very sweet.

And how really neat to hear your voice! The presentation was well done and I hope it inspires many people to get involved with Compassion.

Niki said...

Thanks so much for listening Ellie! xxx

Jamie said...

That's very sweet indeed. :)