November 27, 2009

New 2009 Christmas Card Designs


Christmas cards packaged

The last few weeks I’ve been working on some exciting new paintings and I am very excited to finally release my 2009 Christmas cards now available in my Etsy store!

There are two designs, ‘Mr Snowman’ and ‘Oh Christmas Tree’ both included in packs of either 4 or 10 cards.

I’ve also added a few more new prints to the shop, so come on over and take a look.

Warm Wishes




Mary said...

Nike these make great Christmas cards. I like the size you chose for them too.

ENROUGE (karla) said...

Hi Niki -- Oh, what darling cards! I think they are adorable! I am loving your new paintings and it is very special to get to see your transformations in your work. It seems that you are painting what you feel and really getting to core emotions in your work. I'm going over to look at your shop right now!

linda said...

What beautiful xmas cards...lovely! I like that you chose a square size, makes them unique!