February 24, 2010

Something New!



I just figured out (after having my phone about 2yrs lol) that I can take really cool photos and put them on here and update twitter as I’m out and about! Inspired by the beautiful Marisa I decided to see what my phone could actually do.

The pics above were taken on my phone and I think came out really well, so from now on I’ll be able to take some pics while out and about and upload here to inspire you. Cool huh!

Also, I figured out I can set my alarm clock to play whatever I want to get me up in the mornings. I am NOT a morning person but would like to be and so my plan is to add a cool tune to  my phone and place it on our chest of drawers so that I actually HAVE to get up and turn it off. And surely if it is something I love to hear instead of a blaring ringing I will actually ENJOY getting up and start the day right.

Wish me success!

Hope you are having a great day, I’ll be adding another new painting to ebay today so look out for that.

BTW while I am nattering on…does anyone know how to stop your photos on ebay going blurry for the gallery pic? I can’t seem to get it right, when I sharpen them it only makes them more blurry when they are resized by ebay. When I upload as they are they are blurry too, any ideas please?

Off now to do some work for a change ;) lol




linda said...

Really nice photos... my phone is a cheapie one, so no lovely photos like those!

MissySue said...

Wishing you much successs on getting up cheerfully ;o)

Niki said...

Thanks Missy Sue, it's working really well! xx