June 28, 2010

Gardening Goodness

On Friday I decided it was time for some gardening. I always find planting so therapeutic and satisfying, unlike weeding lol

We were given some tomato plants a few weeks back and I finally got around to getting some compost to fill this huge pot we have, that originally housed a Hebe but that died along with the many other things I have attempted to grow in there. I’d had it out the front by the door but nothing seems to like it much there. So I figured I’d bring it out to the back and use it for my tomatoes. So after some satisfying emptying, filling with compost, planting, adding in canes to make a wigwam and lovely watering…  ta da!


They smell great, so I am very excited to taste the first fruits from these. I’ve placed the pot just outside the back door, perfect for grabbing a few tomatoes when cooking!

That wasn’t all I was planting! I planted some home grown sweet peas again this year in the planter hubby made me but they got a bit sunburnt. Luckily, I had some more, so after moving them onto the patio, I decided to add a few more in. Again a lovely water and then….


Very excited about these, I got a new variety this year so will have different colours to last year.

Oh and do you remember the Cosmos I grew last year also? Well this year they are coming up again and I’ve sown some more directly to the soil in a totally different colour variety so in late summer our front garden should look really pretty. Will definitely take pics to show you.

The back garden is slowly coming along, we have ordered a skip for Friday so we can clear a lot of the hardcore and sub soil making way for the top soil and turf yay, very excited! Soon our garden will be the oasis I’ve dreamed of for so many years…




mary said...

sounds and looks lovely!!
i did not plant anything this season. just could not seem to get my but in gear to do so. it gets so darn hot here in the summer - makes it such a chore for me. I love the taste of fresh veggies, there's nothing like it. maybe i'll plant some cool weather veggies in the fall!!

mary said...

i mean my butt!!! :)