September 13, 2010

Back from holiday..


We’ve just got back from a lovely week away in East Sussex. If you follow me on Facebook you will probably have seen all my pics, I didn’t take many but the ones I did take came out great.

We stayed at a holiday park pine lodge in a walled garden with the most fantastic view. The shot above was taken as the sun was setting one evening and you can see the rays coming through the clouds, spectacular! I’m fascinated with sky incase you didn’t know ;)

We had some days at the beach…




Went to Rye one day and went into this interesting open studio where we talked for ages with the artist who had a parrot that ate chips and a cute King Charles Spaniel who was very friendly. The smell of paints filled the air and his desk was covered in paint tubes and mess – love it, took me back to memories of art college. So inspiring to talk with him and gain some insight from a fellow artist. I would highly recommend walking into strange looking open studios that look like they are closed from the outside and bazaar on the inside, you may just find it interesting!

We also played Pooh Sticks at Pooh Corner in Hartfield, where A.A Milne was inspired to write all his fantastic Pooh Bear stories.



Me and my brother Simon.

Saw more fantastic sunsets…


and generally had a fantastic time! So nice to come home relaxed and refreshed, now I feel ready to dive into art again and life!

I got two beautiful new sketchbooks in Rye that I’ve already started using and I actually found some Fabriano paper so I can make Teesha Moore’s journal tutorial, I was so excited to find this paper I nearly started jumping up and down in the shop lol, I didn’t though but I did come out the shop with a huge grin on my face and a little spring in my step, yay!

Happy Creating..




mary said...

sounds like a wonderful adventure. love the first photo with the rays shining through - beautiful. yes, i can so imagine the desire to jump up and down, i just might have!!!!


The Vintage Artist - Niki Jackson Whimsical Mixed Media Artist Suffolk said...

[...] wasn’t such a great sketching day, not a lot came from it but I did finally make my Teesha Moore journal, which came out really cool. Not sure what I’ll use this journal for but I am so glad I made [...]

Niki said...

lol I was very tempted but am shy lol. Blessings to you Mary x