October 02, 2010



It’s been raining so much in England, all day, everyday lately and Autumn has come upon us really quickly. We’ve been taking Ellie to the park and noticing more and more beautifully coloured leaves in dark reds, gold’s and greens. Although this time of year can be cold and dark here some days, there is always beauty to be seen.

These little cute robins are enjoying an Autumnal walk together all snuggled up under their umbrella.

‘Brr’ 5 x 5” painted on birch plywood, varnished and comes ready to hang.

£40 inc Shipping ($63 approx)


Happy Autumn!




mystele said...

lovin' this! i can see more layers of color, niki, and it makes a beautiful difference!

Niki said...

Thank you! :D