November 10, 2010

Safe in Your Loving Arms


Time seems to fly in between blog posts, before I know it a week has gone by!

I’ve been painting my heart out with Wintery inspired paintings, I still have more ideas and I wonder just how many paintings of Winter you actually want to be seeing lol :D

The above painting has come about through my Faith. We all want to feel safe, it’s something in our hearts that yearns to be satisfied. We try everything we can think of (chocolate, shopping, etc etc) to divert our attention, but really all we want is to be loved, accepted and to feel safe.

Papa wants to comfort You!




linda said...

This is such a delicate and beautiful piece...just lovely! It definitely caught my eye!

Dena Elwood said...

WOW, Niki,,, your creations always amaze me Sweet Sis!!!! I just need to check in with you more often.. Just like you time scurries by sooooooo fast especially when we have children and a business to run.. We pray daily for God to be our center too.
That is my prayer for my Sisters in Christ such as YOU Sweetie.. While at face book last night checking to see if there were any notes for me and who to leave a note with I did think of you but then the enemy intruded and tried telling me that you were too busy to read notes so being dumb like I get sometimes I left NO notes at any FB peeps places... Guess I wasn'tas tuned into our Sqweet LORD as I should have been ... Know that I think of you much more often than I leave notes OK..
This new image is BEAUTIFUL and Inspiring Sis..
You're one of those specila women of God's heart that I'd love to meet someday... If not now it will happen in Heaven!!! Praise Him for His timing... THANKS for the note today,, it sooooooooooo blessed my heart..
I'm not at all sure what it is about your creations that stir my spirit~soul,,perhaps its many things, like the clors you use ,, and, the innocence in there faces, the eyes, the purity..
Anyhoo's Big Hugs and do keep in touch,, you were one of the 1st to help me with my blog as I recall, and Mary Freeman too,, she was the very 1st, you were like the 2nd follower to my blog..
Just see your button and I'm going to grab it now to add to my side bar!!! Woooohoooo i'm excited about that.. Love to promote you Sweetie as an artist and more importantly as a women seeking Christ daily too.
Super~Hubbs wants me to get to work now,, we have a few new designs we need for our display racks here in Iowa USA, so pray that God continues to inspire me with new ideas for them..
"Happiness and blessings to you as you trust in Him this week you GORGEOUS , BEAUTIFUL Sister in CHRIST~~~
Hugs across the miles~~~Dena

Karla said...

Niki, this is so pretty -- I love the colors and the sentiment especially. Lovely.