April 11, 2011

Creative in the garden


Last September I planted these beauties, it’s the first year we’ve had flowers in our back garden. Very excited to see these come up and what stunning colours they are.


orangetulips greenhousefull12011


This is the greenhouse that Hubby built for me (yes he is pretty creative too Winking smile ) I’d sown some Marigold and Geranium seeds and they did so well, oh yes and Morning Glories too. They were all ready to come out the seed trays and into their own pots. So today I was taking them all out and potting up. I also then sowed more Geraniums (because the first packet had very little in and I want to fill up my window boxes with them this Summer) and I sowed Cosmos too, they are so easy to grow and have a beautiful show in Summer.

So now the greenhouse is full to bursting of plants, about 100 all told wow!

Can’t wait to be able to plant these in the garden! I always grow too many on purpose, 1) because you never know how many will turn out and 2) I LOVE to give plants away! Makes me smile on the inside and blesses others too. Open-mouthed smile

So that’s what I’ve been up to today in the garden, the Open Studio wasn’t a success I guess this gorgeous weather had people elsewhere but hey ho, the good news is I get to put the goodies in my Etsy shop for you to purchase instead!

I’m off to get editing pics and listing, be on the look out!



P.S The journal project is now underway, come and join us!


linda said...

Beautiful flowers! I'm trying to do some container gardening myself...we'll see how that goes...LOL!

Niki said...

Thanks Linda, let me know how you get on! Niki xx

rebekah leigh said...

Hi Niki your garden looks wonderful! I really want one of those little green houses..Maybe for the summer!

Niki said...

Thank you Rebekah, my Hubby made it all for only £9! Mostly reused wood and perspex for the shelves. The only thing we actually bought was the plastic sheeting to cover the outside. Works perfectly and is very sturdy unlike the cheaper bought ones. Niki xx

The Vintage Artist - Vintage Country Lifestyle Art & Daily Adventures by Niki said...

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Faith said...

I LOVE IT!!!!!
So nice that your husband built that for you!!