September 07, 2011

Snow Season


Last night I decided to try something new (new to me), painting before bedtime!

I was amazed at how relaxed it made me and how enjoyable it was to end the day painting. I will certainly be doing this again.

Snow Season’ now available on Etsy.





Angel said...

super cute! and glad you found a new time of day to paint!

Niki said...

Thanks Angel x

Monika said...

Love those lil ones , you are very talented Niki...?

Niki said...

Thanks Monika x

Judy said...

What a great way to relax!

linda said...

Lovely painting and I agree that sometimes changing up your normal routines will help you find new inspirations and a different feel for your work in general... sounds like a lovely way to relax before bedtime! I'm just back from a long vacation and wanted to drop by and say hello! Catching up with blog posts these days and looks like you have been busy!