December 17, 2011

Thinking of Spring


Yes I did just really say that lol! I love Spring it’s my favourite time of year. I look forward to all the new growth especially as I love to grow my own plants from seed. The coming year will bring experiments in growing vegetables for the first time which will be exciting.

I also love the colours in Spring, the blue skies and the sound of the birds. So these drawings are inspired by those things…


The first is a new card in my kraft card original illustrations range and the second is a new 10 x 8” drawing. It’s my favourite yet!

Hope you are doing well and not too stressed from the preparations for Christmas. This week has been an emotional one so I took some time off to relax a bit. We’ve come out the other side though and I hope you will enjoy these new offerings now in the shop.

It’s not too late to order in time for Christmas if you live in the UK. I’m still taking orders through Christmas and the New Year and open for commissions at this time too.

Merry Christmas