June 06, 2012

A lot of cake!

'Cupcake Tower' Original Ink Drawing by Niki Jackson The Vintage Artist

It’s been a weekend of celebrations…firstly it was Hubby’s Birthday on Saturday, we had a BBQ party and enjoyed the England game and then it was the Queen’s Jubilee celebrations running right through till yesterday evening.

There’s been a lot of yummy cake, desserts and naughty things to eat which I have totally enjoyed lol

To continue the theme of cake, I’ve added this cute little illustration as an ACEO print in the shop.

Did you watch the Jubilee celebrations? What was your favourite?

I really enjoyed the service and the concert.





Sue Runyon said...

Love the new ACEO. We watched the queen on the balcony. She looks great. Had a long conversation with my 10 year old about her and her mother and the whole royal family. We had to look up photos of when she was young.

Mechelle said...

I watched a little bit of the concert for the Queen last night.

Jen said...

LOL, LOVE the cupcake ACEO :) Prolly cuz I adore cupcakes!

ABC (the tv station) is all about following this Queen Jubilee business. It's all over the news. To me, I could care less.

My daughter's name is Jubilee... THAT's the one I care about! LOL :) I also didn't pay attention to whatever prince recently got married... it's all a lot of pomp and circumstance, but too silly for me, imho.

Zuda Gay Pease said...

So sweet!! I have enjoyed seeing the "boat parade"...I forget what it was called. And I enjoyed the concert. I love celebrations!

sue anderson said...

Niki - I can't thank you enough for making these ACEO's. I can't wait to start collecting them.


elsielight said...

Oh, dear! I'm really out of it! The Queen's Jubilee? I am embarrassed.

I did watch the royal wedding in the middle of the night - does that help reinstate me into good graces!

Your ACEO is darling!

AnnMarie (NaNa) said...

Love your cupcakes! I heard, but did not see, that one of the performers at the concert last night had buttons all over her outfit! I am sorry I missed it since I am so passionate about buttons!

Gladys said...

Love your cupcake piece. I will be dreaming of cupcakes tonight especially since I've been on a diet for a month. Happy birthday to your husband!