July 04, 2012

A Tour of Our Garden


It’s been a while since I shared what’s happening in our garden. It’s now virtually finished landscape wise hooray!!! We are in the stage of watching everything mature with excitement and finishing off little things like painting our gate (next on the list!)

Here is our veggie patch, I am super excited about this. Raspberries on the left, onions, runner beans and lettuces on the right. I am stunned how well the runner beans have grown so far and the flowers are gorgeous…


So vibrant!


Here are the sweet peas that I grew in the greenhouse over winter. I’ve been cutting them a lot and displaying them on my kitchen windowsill in vases. So pretty.


There is Ellie, we have some patches on the grass to seed from her weeing but it’s not too bad. We will sort that in the Autumn.



This is the flower bed next to the veggie patch, our Brae burn apple tree is just to the right. This bed has come along really quickly, for so long it was just a mess now it is thriving with plants I grew from seed, some Evening Primroses gifted to me and the Pink Lavender also gifted. Oh and there are some daisy type plants I picked up at the local garden centre.


This is the right side of the back garden, still needing to mature and could do with some pretty bedding plants for more colour. Hoping to grow some winter ones.


Our patio. Window boxes doing really well. They have Aquilegia's, Bacopa and self seeded Violas' which look so pretty, couldn’t have planned that!

More Sweet peas in the planter and the pots have home grown Dahlia’s, lettuce and a rose, one either side of the back door.


One of the roses in the middle flower bed.


And there’s Ellie enjoying herself lol.

Hope you enjoyed the tour!? I’m busy with my open studio this week till Saturday and am working on a painting for an exhibition. Next week I will show you the photos from the open studio so stay tuned.

Happy 4th July for my lovely USA readers.





Hannah said...

I loved the garden tour. It has come so far since you started planting!
I think there is something you can put in doggie's water bowl which stops the grass dying where she wees. But I forget what it is LOL. We have 13 acres of grass so it doesn't really bother us!!

AnnMarie (NaNa) said...

Wow, I remember when you posted the "before" pictures of your garden....what a transformation! You've done beautiful work! I am still planting and fixing up my garden as it had been neglected when I was devoting so much time to Etsy!

Lorrie (WitsEndDesign) said...

Niki, the yard is really coming along! Sweet peas always remind me of my Mom. I love them too. Great job!

Rita said...

It's amazing how satisfying it is to have a little garden and watch things grow.......

Kim said...

oh WOW!! It has really come a long way. SO green and so many gorgeous flowers!! I think I would be sitting out here every day! Looks like Ellie is enjoying it as well:)

elsielight said...

Beautiful! So glad you gave us an update. Looks like a great living space, nutrition, color, lawn and Ellie to help you enjoy it!! I've always wanted a window box and Bacopa is one of my favorites for a hanging basket.

Liz said...

I love your dog! Theres always a mental link to 101 Dalmations when I see them. :) And I really enjoyed the pictures of your garden. It is so much fun to watch other peoples' gardens growing and what they've planted. I tried herbs this year and so far its a success.

Holly said...

Aww I love Ellie! So cute! :D
Dropping by from VWB. :)