August 29, 2012

Don’t Quit!


I’ve been finding it difficult with my art shop recently, I don’t think the Summer slow down helps at all for your confidence. Getting used to the quieter seasons and the busier seasons is something I am still learning and also learning how to stay encouraged and keep creating.

Sometimes it’s really hard not to look at what you’re doing and think ‘it’s not good enough’, ‘I’m not as successful as…’, or ‘does my work really speak to people?’.

What I’ve learnt is that the more I look outside myself for ‘the answers’ the more miserable I am. It’s only when I say to myself ‘you are being true to who you are’, ‘you are creating from your heart’, ‘you are following your own dreams’, then I realise I’m on the right track!

We all need some encouragement and so this post is to really cheer you on and say even though it gets hard sometimes, even though you may look at others and think they are more successful then you are, stop. Look into your own heart and know that you need to be you and that is what being successful is.

Stop comparing yourself to others and don’t quit! Get up and do what you were created to do!

Because you are special!




Diane said...

Nikki, what a lovely encouraging post. I know absolutely how you feel. Exactly. I'm pushing and breaking through every day in spite of how I feel. I know I'm also on the right journey being true to myself. And the same for you. Just keep moving forward. :)

Hannah said...

Very encouraging, thanks Niki

AnnMarie (NaNa) said...

I totally agree! I want to second guess myself sometimes in what I am doing, but then in my heart I know I am where I am supposed to be. Thanks for the encouragement!

Hilary said...

Great post ~ thanks for the timely reminder :)

sue anderson said...

Niki-you are such a talented young lady. The Lord knows what is in store for you - keep holding on to your dreams.


Luella said...

So true! I continually remind myself that it is a good thing I am not trying to make a living with my jewelry. In my case, it is a hobby and I'm so happy that it pretty much pays for itself!

I find I continually look up and say thank you and pray that my jewelry as well as all I do is done in Him! You never know where God is leading but let Him lead today!!

judy russi said...

Very encouraging. I have seasons where I want to quit too. Thanks for sharing.

Jen said...

You encourage others with your outlook, Niki :) Keep it up. Remember... seed time and harvest! God bless!!!