July 25, 2008

Silent Auction - Sing Yay! - SOLD

****************Congratulations Sherrie! ************

Hi Everyone
I thought it would be great fun to try a silent auction for my beautiful mixed media collage painting 'Sing'.

"Sitting in the garden, the sun is shining and the birds are singing, what a lovely way to start the day. This is the inspiration I used to create this multi layered collage painting. The layers and textures provide many hours of entertainment viewing as you see new parts of the painting each time you look at it."

I used lot's of layers including vintage papers and finished with a layer of beeswax to seal and give more texture.

This is a deep edge canvas with dark brown painted sides and sealed all over to protectand ready to hang straight out the box.

Title: Sing

Size: 6" x 6"

Materials: vintage papers, acrylics, charcoal pencil, rubber stamps and beeswax to seal.

To take part all you need to do is email me your bid jackson.niki@gmail.com and the highest bidder will win!

Bidding starts now and goes on until Thursday 31st July 11am Central (New York), 4pm UK.

The winner will be announced via email and here at the blog.

Good luck everyone!



'Believe' Now Available as an ACEO!

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Di said...

Oh what a good idea re: silent auction. Something different! Hope you're well :)

H.D. Campbell said...

Hi Niki! i seen your links from creative souls and thought i would stop by ..nice blog!
hugs :)
stop by and say hello anytime

Adriana Whitney said...

Hi Niki,
I hope you get a big bid for this piece, it is beautiful.
Adri :)

Janet Campbell said...

Inventive idea! I think your work is lovely!