July 11, 2008

When Will The Rain Stop?

9 Days of Summer by Julia Crossland

Well it's been raining here in the UK for what feels like non stop for about a week or more, when is the sun coming?
I'm no sun worshipper but I do like a nice blue sky, sunny day to sit out in and enjoy.

It is supposed to brighted up tomorrow, I do hope so then we can enjoy a nice BBQ in the evening. Do you know the evenings have been quite cold here still in July can you believe it?!!

Oh well, I hope it doesn't rain for our holiday in Devon, the first week of August, need some r&r!

Enjoy your weekend!



gwen said...

Hi Niki!
I came upon your blog a few days ago and just wanted to say how beautiful your paintings are. My favorites are the Christmas house and the Snowman with puppy.
I have also been inspired by Suziblu and I am trying new things in the mixed media world.

As far as the weather, I wish we had some rain in Louisville, Kentucky. It has been unbearably hot for the past 2 days.
Thank goodness for the AC right?

Rogalaca said...

Beautiful work. I am new to blogging and I like to look at other art work.

Gypsy at Heart said...

Here in Houston, Texas we are currently at 100 degrees F and expecting a hurricaine within the next 36 hours. I'll trade you your rainy Devon if you want for this. ;-)

Di said...

Just got back from Cornwall for a holiday and it was fab. Weather even held off - was lovely and sunny most days. Hope you're feeling better now and all is healed. *hugs* x

Leah said...

it's been raining non-stop here in Massachusetts too. it's sunny out right now and it's fabulous. hopefully it will stick around for awhile. :-) the artwork is gorgeous!!