February 23, 2009

Custom Art For You!

Well the seeds are now planted, fingers crossed that they grow lol now it's time to get back to painting!

I've really enjoyed doing the custom pieces I recently completed and wanted to give you more info on how you can order a custom painting too. I've set up a new page with more details letting you know my prices and how the process generally works, there is commenting enabled so if I have forgotten anything you can let me know.

I have several spots open for commissions and would love to work with you so please come on over and check out the details for a custom piece.

One last thing, I've now started on a new painting video so look out for that this week.



Billy and Button said...

Hi Niki, thanks so much for following my blog and your lovey comments. Im a long time fan of yours! Can't wait to see the new video :D Kaili x