February 22, 2009

Just Planted!

This afternoon Hubby and I planted these beauties in our front garden to get some colour in. It's all looking quite dull right now but my bulbs are growing and it wont be long before I see my tulips and daffs yay!

I am so excited to see the little catkins coming out on our weeping willow tree, we only planted it last Autumn so I am really excited that it's growing so well.

Here's pics of some crocuses coming out:

Now I'm off to try planting some seeds in my new seed trays, they are sweet peas and it's the first time I've ever grown anything from seed. Wish me luck!



Brandi said...

sure wish that it was time to plant around here .. we are still buried in snow and it keeps pouring down. :( Found your blog from creative souls.