March 24, 2009

Sweet Peas and Gardening Goodness

Oh what a beautiful day it was on Saturday! The sun was shining and Mark and I spent the whole day outside working on our back garden, tending to seeds and making our greenhouse.

New bulbs I got recently to fill out the front garden some more. I also got some Bellis and can't wait to see the fluffy little flower heads when they bloom.

Our first Daff bloomed over the weekend and the others are now following!

Remember me posting about my Sweet Pea seeds? Well look at them now lol! They have grown so well and are now ready to be hardened off yay. I'll be giving some to my Mum and Dad lol as there are so many. I am thrilled they have grown so well. Tending to them is so relaxing I love it.

Well that was my Saturday, I've also been painting lot's! More about those tomorrow.

My current available paintings are here.

Have a great day!


Julia said...

Ah stunning! Its all coming along just lovely!!

J xxx

purplecat said...

I love sweet peas! we grew some last year and they were beautiful.
My Daffs have been out for weeks now!, it just shows that the slighlty milder climate here on the island does have an effect.