April 27, 2009

Exhibition Day!

Today I went down to the local exhibition I'm in to see how things were going and I was very pleased! There is still a week to go and many of the paintings there had red dots and a lot of the cards and prints were sold too. It's so great to see people are still buying art in this economy, art really does have importance in people's lives. I always enjoy hearing how art impacts people, how does art impact your life?

Today I've been working on some new paintings, including the Oh She Glows Charity auction painting and new ones for ebay :D I'll be posting pics soon.

This little beauty is finishing tonight:

[caption id="attachment_96" align="aligncenter" width="300" caption="Spring sunset painting"]spring sunset painting[/caption]

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Have a great evening!




julia said...

How does art impact on my life...it impacts on every corner of it, I think of it daily, I am inspired by other people's art, I have to physically do art or I feel out of balance.

rebekah leigh said...

This Spring sunset painting is adorable. I love the sunset and the way you've painted the trees.