April 26, 2009

Yoga Love

It's another beautiful day today, I just love it when the sun shines, makes you feel so good ( even when you don't always feel that way in the natural).

I've had another bad cold so while home resting I decided to do another of Polly's yoga videos, she is so great and her yoga workouts make me feel energised and refreshed - even when I have a bad cold!

Here is the video I did today along with her 'Healthy Shins and Knees video'

I do suffer with IBS on a daily basis and am working on eating healthier simple foods to a) become much more healthy and b) to relieve my IBS symptoms. If you suffer with IBS then this resource is great: Help for IBS

After doing so much walking the other week, I've had to start easing up as my foot injury from last summer (I fell and chipped a bone in my foot) so I'm doing shorter walks with Ellie and Hubby and I'm now going to be doing yoga hopefully daily if I can. I'd love to know if any of you have any great healthy recipes , let me know by leaving a comment!

I'm working on some new paintings this week, including a really fun painting for the Oh She Glows Charity Auction and some more for Ebay too, so watch out for those this coming week.

I hope you all are having a wonderful weekend and the sun is shining for you.




Chrisy said...

Yoga is lovely...great idea to use online videos to do it at home...you've inspired me to get my butt into gear!