July 27, 2009

Hide n Seek

hide n seek painting

hide n seek painting side view

I'm back from a lovely weekend visiting family. I found out some awesome stories from my Nan about how she met my late Grandad and where the red hair in our family comes from lol I just love hearing treasured memories, especially since I've never met my Nan's side of the family. Hearing her stories on Saturday makes me feel even more keen to learn more about our family tree. Interesting to say the least!

Well those bunnies have been hopping into my paintings again, here they are playing 'Hide n Seek' I wonder what they will be up to next?!

I hope you had a wonderful weekend.

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linda said...

Lovely painting Niki! :P Almost looks like the far right pair are scheming about the other one on the left...hehe...

ENROUGE said...

What a great idea for a painting -- that is sooooo cute. I just laughed when I saw those little bunnies trying to play hide and seek. : 0