July 31, 2009

Pretty Pretty

cosmos plant

cosmos pink plant

Aren't these pretty!? They are some of the plants I grew from seed and have grown so well ~ I am amazed! lol

Finally the sun is shining here in England and so I could get outside and show you what I've been growing that has done well in the garden. (Yes some didn't lol) I'm now wondering if there are any plants I can grow that are suitable for Autumn and Winter, any ideas?

The carrots we tried to grow were a total flop, the tops were growing really well...and then they got eaten by slugs and snails because of all the rain we've had. Never mind I shall try again soon. Our tomatoes are still growing strong yay! I can't wait to try them.

My beautiful sweet peas that were bursting out the planter :D have all now died back and so it's time to think of something spectacular to plant in there instead, not sure if I can beat those they were beautiful.

So that is what's happening around our garden atm, our back garden is still being landscaped so mostly pots and planters out there right now till we get some flower beds. You can see the before and durings over on my Facebook album.

One last little note, my blog has been nominated for the Dorset Cereals Little Blog Awards which is very exciting and I wondered if you would be so kind as to vote for me if you enjoy reading this little blog. To vote simply click here and then click the litte box that says vote.

Thank you so much for reading, voting and sharing this life journey with me, have a lovely weekend!


ellie said...

I voted for ya, Niki! You have a great green thumb....those flowers are fab! And you took such super photos of them as well! Good luck with the contest----blessings and peace to you.

ENROUGE (karla) said...

Your little flowers are so sweet : ) It was fun chatting live yesterday in the fishbowl!

Niki said...

Hi Karla
Aww thank you! Yes it was great fun, I'm really going to miss our weekly class and chats.


Niki said...

Hi Ellie
Thank you so much for voting! Well I am trying lol lo't still to learn :)