July 19, 2009

It's raining, it's pouring...

home grown tomatoes

home grown tomatoes 2

It's a warm and wet Sunday here in England so I'm enjoying some quiet time this afternoon after a busy morning helping out at Sunday School. The kids amaze me, they are so funny and love to sing and dance they help me to remember to lighten up and enjoy myself too, it's so easy to get bogged down with life and forget to have fun.

This afternoon I'm doing some crochet, I started on my first ripple blanket using Lucy's pattern. It's coming along great I'm on the second row, I think it will take me a very long time to complete this but it'll be so worth it. I'm going to use it for our bed. Currently our house is in the process of being completely overhauled so every room needs a makeover! We bought it like that ;) We do like a challenge. So this blanket is my attempt to start putting some love into our home and transform it into a beautiful vintage style country home :D I'll make sure to show you some pics sometime so you can see the transformation.

It just downpoured so I thought I would quickly grab a photo of my tomatoes to show you, these have been grown from seed. I'm really pleased with how they have turned out, not bad for a first attempt. My carrots aren't looking too hot though, they look like the tops have been eaten by slugs :( But I'm still hoping they will work out.

Thanks for all the wonderful comments on my podcast, I really enjoyed doing it so look out for another one soon.

I'm off to snuggle with Ellie. Have a great Sunday!


Karla said...

OMGosh, I can't believe you raised tomatoes from seeds! Those look like they are going to be very tasty - Lucky you to have real tomatoes to look forward to! Say "hi" to Ellie for me. : )

Karla’s last blog post..The sun'll come out tomorrow. . .

Shanon said...

Wow! Congrats on the tomatoes! I don't think I could grow them from seed to save my life. I've never tried, but I'm so bad with seeds. Did you start them indoors? Those are the kind I have trouble with.

Hope you get tons of delicious goodies to enjoy!

Niki said...

Hi Shanon
Thanks yes I started them indoors and then hardened them off for a couple of weeks before planting outside in a homemade planter (hubby made it) and I'm just really hoping they turn out lol. I've been watering them daily as they are thirsty little things lol. What part do you have trouble with?

Pretty Pretty — said...

[...] by slugs and snails because of all the rain we’ve had. Never mind I shall try again soon. Our tomatoes are still growing strong yay! I can’t wait to try [...]