July 17, 2009

Just a little shy ~ a podcast

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It's been a long while since I podcasted and this is something I really want to get back to, sharing little insights into my world and my thoughts that hopefully will help you too! Today's podcast is on being shy and why I sometimes 'fall off the face of the internet' lol.


Natasha Newton said...

Very sweet! And I think you're very brave for podcasting. It kind of makes me want to have a go. :D

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Darlene Hull said...

This was great, Niki. I'm also a total introvert, and thankfully my hubby and kids understand that sometimes I'm just "peopled out" and need to get away on my own for a while. I'm starting to think that time is coming up... I have so many projects on my plate that I want to finish and need a stretch of uninterrupted time to do it.

Little Brown Rabbit said...

Well done you! Very brave! I am also a total introvert and I'm a long way off being able to podcast! Although it does seem like fun!

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maya said...

Wonderful job Niki! Loved hearing you after reading so many of you sweet words, it's nice to hear your lovely voice! Yay for bravery!

linda said...

Hi Niki!
You sound fabulous! Adorable podcast and of course thank you for sharing...I totally know what you mean, everyone needs some downtime and alone time. It's like recharging your batteries... :P

Bobbie said...

Fantastic job, Niki! Love hearing your lovely voice.. from your heart AND how you sound! It fits your wonderful art! Woohoo for you!

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Carrie Anspach said...

I simply adored hearing your sweet voice and bravo for putting together the podcast! I admire your bravery as an introvert...I'm an extrovert and I'm even shy about blogging let alone podcasting. You rock!

Marisa and Creative Thursday said...

Oh Niki!! I LOVE this!! Congratulations ~ you did such a GREAT job!! It is SO wonderful to hear your voice ~ Now when I read your comments I can hear you speaking :)

Marisa and Creative Thursday’s last blog post..I'm not the only one doing videos in the family - day 4