August 04, 2009

Bunny Burrows

bunny burrows painting

I always look forward to our walks in the countryside, especially when they are early morning or late evening because that is when the little bunnies come out to play and I get to see their funny little ways. It makes my heart sing and certainly puts a smile on my face, there is something about little bunnies being cute and mischievous that just gets my inspiration going.

So when I saw a little bunny working so hard burrowing one morning I knew I had to paint it! It came out quite comical and cute don't you think?

You can buy the original here.

Have a lovely evening!


linda said...

I love taking nature walks and noticing the little things. We often miss out on so much with our fast paced hectic lives!

Niki said...

Hi Linda
Yes you are so right! I love to stop and take in nature, it really makes you feel alive. There are so many wonderful things to see if we just slow down and look.