August 11, 2009

Faith Cottage

faith cottage painting

I can't believe how fast time goes by, we had such a busy weekend it made the weekend go even faster than usual! Sometimes it's hard to remember to slow down and enjoy the moment, I find myself rushing around trying to get everything done and I wonder why I'm not enjoying life. Today I managed to slow down, I sat in our garden and soaked up the sun and enjoyed a lovely lunch outside in the fresh air, it felt so wonderful, so refreshing and just what I needed. Suddenly life feels great again and I feel renewed.

Are you taking time to slow down and enjoy your life?

This cute little painting is my latest addition 'Faith Cottage', those sheep look so cute leaping about in the lush green fields, so free, so at peace.

I hope you have a peaceful, wonderful day!

{Buy the original here}


ellie said...

LOL! When I wrote to you earlier about having trouble slowing down, I had no idea you had posted this! lol That is so funny.....obviously, I seriously needed to read this post of yours today, Niki! You sweet lady!