August 19, 2009

Relax ~ You have everything you need!


This painting started off as a response to how I have been feeling lately ~ stressed! I’ve been putting a lot of pressure on myself to push myself more in all areas of my life and I knew what I really needed was to relax.

It’s funny how paintings come to me, I’m not much of a sketcher, although I’d like to be. No my paintings usually come to me as a vision in my mind, I see what I want to paint, how I want it to look and then I go straight to my canvas and draw it out, then paint it.

Well this painting was no different, I knew I wanted to create a totally relaxed scene, a place of calm. I think I captured it with my latest character ‘Millie’ relaxing after a long day in her favourite place. I’m really enjoying seeing this character evolve and am sure there will be more of her in the future.

Originally I was going to call this painting ‘relax’ since that was my message, however today I’ve realised that it is so much more than that. It’s about how blessed we all are with what we already have. It is so easy to strive for more thinking we need this or that but if we stop and breathe we realise we have everything we need right now. Reminding myself of this I now feel so at peace, so relaxed and actually so very happy.

So remember this today ‘You Have All You Need’

Thank you to everyone who entered my contest, your ideas are amazing and I will be considering all of them. I picked a number at random from number generator..

And the winner is….

Karla!  Congratulations you win a print of your choice from my Etsy store.

Have a blessed day!

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ellie said...

oh, I just love this new painting, Niki! And your sharing of how it came about....marvelous! You are right, my friend, we do need to remember we have all we need.....and so thank you, for reminding us today!

kelly said...

Love your new piece- sweet and relaxing!

Jamie said...

I love the happy steam coming out of the coffee (or tea?) cup. I hope to see more of Millie too.

Baby Enrouge (Karla) said...

Very nice to meet Millie and to read this lovely post. I enjoyed it very much. I especially like hearing about your process. . what goes through your mind. I think it would be fun to see you develop your new gal!
p.s. Excited about my print that I won! Thank you Niki!