September 11, 2009


Soul Fine Art Photograph

Delight Fine Art Photograph

Do you ever look up at the sky and just feel so amazed at what you see?

Hubby and I have found ourselves doing this more and more lately either while we are on our walks or watering the garden in the evenings. Every time there is something new to see and it fills us with such joy and a sense of life.

These two beauties will be up in the shop next week along with some more new photo’s.

Have a wonderful weekend.




Jamie said...

Those are gorgeous, Niki!

Niki said...

Thanks so much Jamie!

Mary said...

These are beautiful!! Amazing how many different beautiful sunrises and sunsets God can paint! :)

ellie said...

mmmm.....looks like strands of the yummiest cotton candy do have a great eye for photography, Nik.

MissySue Hanson said...

thank you, Niki! I've been doing the same thing...looking up at the sky...feeling overwhelmed by the beauty! Amazing pics!

The Vintage Artist said...

[...] the meantime I’ve added more stunning photography to my store including the amazing sunsets and [...]

Little Brown Rabbit said...

lovely photos! :)