September 16, 2009


Hope Pink Cosmos Home Grown Photograph

Since the weekend I have had a little fire in me and have been really enjoying my painting more than ever! I’m currently working on not 1 but 7 paintings right now lol!! Three of them are almost ready to add to my shop but need varnishing and photographing first, so I’ll be back tomorrow with those to show you.

In the meantime I’ve added more stunning photography to my store including the amazing sunsets and these…

Lets take a walk photograph





ellie said...

Did you title your photos shown here, Niki? That flower (my favorite! it's so spectacular!) really does go with the title of your post!

ellie said...

I just looked over and saw the "Scanners" post!!! lol I NOW realize what you've been talking about! lol

JamieBerry (Jamie Berry) said...

Seven new paintings?! RT @vintageniki New blog post: - Hope

Niki said...

Hi Ellie
Yes I did! Thank you so much! xxx

Niki said...

LOL Glad you found it xxx