September 02, 2009

Autumn is Coming

Home grown tomatoes

I’m sure Autumn is coming, I can feel it in the air, can you? The last week has been a little nippy in the air. We are still having some warm days but the temp drops really quickly in the early evening and first thing it’s quite nippy too!

Still, our tomatoes are going strong. We’ve had lot’s from these plants and still more coming which is great. Today I bought AM magazine (Amateur Gardener) it’s got a packet of free seeds with in it… sweet peas!

I loved growing the ones this year so am definitely going to go for it again.

Our garden is coming along nicely…

Garden Aug 09

Over the Bank Holiday weekend we had a skip and spent ages (well Hubby did most of it, but I did help lol) shovelling sub soil and now the garden is much clearer, ready for more prep.


This is what the patio looks like, it’s now got a layer of sand on top, so we are gradually getting towards laying the slabs.

I can’t wait till the prep is finished and we can actually lay grass and start putting in flowers. I am planning to grow a lot of plants myself but will be buying some lovely trees and shrubs as well.

So, that is what we have been up to over the Bank Holiday weekend, it’s gone so quick!

I have more paintings in the works, so watch this space for those, in the meantime check out the lovely Sharon’s blog who kindly featured me for her Ipswich Artists series.

Thank you Sharon!




linda said...

So lovely that your tomatoes are going strong and fab project for a garden. My current situation only has terrace space, no real ground dirt, so it's hard to grow anything!

ellie said...

ooo, I love watching projects develop....hope you'll post more pictures of your garden spot as it progresses!

Fall is descending here in the States, too.....I love the cooler temps! (better hair days ahead! yahoo!)