August 27, 2009

Come take a walk with us…

Tonight we took a lovely walk in the country with Ellie, breathing in the fresh air and taking in the scenery. I’ve wanted to share with you where the bunnies play, that feature in my paintings…

As you walk along the track there is a bridge and when you look over the top look what you can see:

where bunnies play

Very hard to see them, you can just make them out in this photo, they are so cute and always up to something new.


On closer look, there they are! Aren’t they adorable, I always look forward to seeing their antics lol.

As we continue on the walk we get to the mile marker and turn right into this…

field hadleigh, suffok

Isn’t is beautiful!


Off we go down the dirt track and all the way home.

I hope you enjoyed our little walk, I’ll be back on Monday with a new painting. Have a lovely weekend.




ellie said...

Oh, Niki! I loved this ---and you'll never guess what! I saw the photos and immediately thought "Hey, that looks just like Niki's paintings!" LOL and I was right-----and how lovely to see the real live bunnies out there playing, too. These pictures were great fun.....AND yes, very, very beautiful countryside! gorgeous, really.

Mary said...

Hi Niki, loved the pictures, especially the bunnies. I love bunnies, I think they are one of my favorite animals. I get to see at least 2 or 3 a day around the old barn and garden here. I watched a hawk swoop down to pick up one, thankfully the bunny was too big to pick up. It just froze and stood still for about 5 minutes!! They just make me smile every time I see one.

Niki said...

@Mary: Oh me too! They are adorable, glad the hawk didn't get the bunny.

ENROUGE (karla) said...

I love this post -- it's beautiful!