November 07, 2009

Winter on my mind? + Freedom!!!

First Snow of Winter by Niki Jackson


‘First Snow of Winter’

Mixed Media on Paper

 Winter tree by Niki Jackson

‘Winter Tree’

Mixed media on wood.

Winter tree wip by Niki Jackson

WIP! (Work in Progress ;) )

I’ve been painting a lot lately, playing really. Discovering new paths in my journey as an artist. I’m learning to loosen up and be a lot more free in my approach and I am really loving it!

These are what has been appearing this week from my studio and the bottom photo is of a large canvas I have in progress. I’m working on it this weekend in between seeing family and Church tomorrow.

I want to experience a lot more flow to my paintings and be in a place where I’m really connecting with God and sharing what He wants me to put out into the world. It is a very rewarding and exciting journey and I encourage you all to sink in deeper to your creativity and really experience that place of pure freedom.

I’ll be sharing some videos of my journey in the coming week’s so please come back and check them out, I hope they will truly bless you.

Have a wonderful weekend!




JamieBerry (Jamie Berry) said...

Hurrah :) RT @vintageniki: New blog post: - Winter on my mind? + Freedom!!!

ellie said...

I love the color palette, Niki!

so glad you are having such a good time!

Mary said...

Niki these are looking great! I especially love all the texture on the wood! Yes, what a journey!!!


Dena Elwood said...

I Niki~~~Hope your well!!!
Hugs Dena

Dena Elwood said...

OOPS, my above note was suppose to say Hi!!!
More Hugs Dena

Chris Ronk said...

I love the tree's. They have a nice earthy feel to them.

Niki said...

Thanks so much!