November 02, 2009






On Friday night our local football club put on it’s yearly fireworks night. (Bonfire night is officially Nov 5th in England)We can see the fireworks really well from our front door, so this year I decided to try taking some photos of them. I didn’t expect them to come out very well since I’ve never taken pics at night of fireworks before but wow look at these…

I’m so pleased with how they came out!

I’ve been working away in my studio a lot lately and am still working through Mystele’s GUT Art class which is going so well. I’m developing my art in new ways and finding out things about myself I didn’t know. Stayed tuned for more pics of work I’m doing and new paintings and prints coming soon.




ellie said...

these are really cool, Niki! the colors are marvelous!

Diane said...

Love those photos! What fun. Happy Guy Fawkes! We're having a few garden fireworks and sparklers for the little ones tonight at my sister's.

Dena Elwood said...

Hello Niki, been thinking of you. Think I'll reply to your email this weekend.
Hugs Dena