February 08, 2010

Love Me Always…


I’ve been working on this little cutie over the weekend ‘Love Me Always’. It’s the first in my ‘Sweet Heart’ series and I am so excited to be working on these adorable little lovebirds.

I’ve always loved everything cute and it just seems to come naturally that I paint in this way. I do love to experiment now and then with ‘grown up’ ;) paintings but I always come back to ‘cute’. I guess that’s just ‘me’.

It’s fun getting to know yourself and what you love to do, it’s been a long journey to finally be free with my style and really listen to what it is I love. Now I’ve found my style I feel freer to express myself (sounds an odd thing to say) but it’s true. I feel like I can sit and draw without judging myself and let out what it really is I want to express. I guess that’s a good tip for all of us – when we allow ourselves to be truly ourselves and stop judging ourselves, it’s then that we can be free and our true expression comes out. Not only that but when we are truly being ourselves, then we feel happiness.

We all need to express ourselves and share how we see the world and how we would like others to see it too, in whatever form that comes in for you; art, ceramics, photography, gardening, baking etc etc.

So remember, we want to see your view, embrace it and be happy!

‘Love me Always’ is now available as an original on ebay and also as a print at Etsy.

When it comes down to it, all that really matters is Love!

Love never fails.




linda said...

Super cute work...very in theme for Valentine's as well :P I say, cute is cool! We have to do what feels right.

Dena Elwood said...

Hi Niki,,,I was so happy to get a note from you finally,,,thanks Sweetie!!! It made me grin.. LOve the new designs you have done and the magazine sounds so exciting.. God is SOOOOO AWESOME and you're pretty specail tooo. Big Hugs and do stop by my blog again, I'd be thrilled...i have a few of my new ideas up there and please share your thoughts.
"Come let us bow down in worship, let us kneel before the Lord our Maker~~~Psalm 95:6

Niki said...

Thank you both very much! xx