February 05, 2010

Hello Friends


Don’t forget you can Ask Me Anything’ (within reason ;) ) it’s anon so ask anyway.





Mary said...

Hi Niki, it's good to see you and hear your lovely voice.
Loving your Blue Sky series!


Niki said...

Aww thanks Mary xx

The Vintage Artist - Niki Jackson Whimsical Mixed Media Artist Suffolk said...

[...] been working on this little cutie over the weekend ‘Love Me Always’. It’s the first in my ‘Sweet Heart’ series and I am so excited to be working on these adorable little [...]

Dena Elwood said...

By the way,,,just loved loved LOVED seeing and hearing you... Its so great your back blogging and getting to know us..
Kenat and I are preparing for a delivery trip to take our greeting cardss to the stores that carry them ..But have been down witbhe that dreded flu bug, so its a cheer to get your note and see all the new creations you're "arting" for us... Thanks for sharing Niki.. Hugs DEna

Niki said...

Thanks Dena, I hope you are both well now xx

Enrouge (Karla) said...

Hello Niki -- oh, how lovely to see you on your video again -- your accent is so darling. I could just listen all day. Sounds like you've been busy with new work--lots of love themes going around in your studio! I wanted to thank you too for visiting my blog -- that was such a nice surprise to hear from you! I'm trying to keep up with blogging as well, but some days there just aren't enough hours to do everything. Anyway. . I enjoyed watching your video -- that's such a great idea! You are courageous! : )
p.s. to answer your question about my sofa slipcover . . there's no pattern. I just cut fabric and fashion it to the lines of the sofa and sew it together. Trial and error mostly!

Dena Elwood said...

Hey Sweet Niki,,anything new ??? Hope you're well, safe and HAPPY!!! Hugs Dena