March 15, 2010

A Family Fun Baking & Making Weekend





We had a great weekend, Saturday was spent enjoying a relaxing free day, no plans, nothing to rush to, lovely! We walked Ellie to the local yarn shop in the morning and I picked up some gorgeous yarns to work on our ripple blanket for our bedroom and then we headed to the park and Ellie and Hubby had great fun running around for a while.

Then we headed back for some lunch and I helped Hubby make some lovely fresh baguettes which we shared with Mum and Dad. Homemade bread makes a great gift! :D

I got working on the ripple blanket for a while and then started thinking about the beautiful fabric I recently got to make a little curtain for our kitchen cubby. We actually call it Ellie’s cubby, because ever since we’ve had her she’s loved to hide in there.

So that’s what I did, I got all my stuff out and had a go. It was way harder than I thought it would be. All the measuring, marking and cutting went really well and that’s surprising because that is the part I like the least! When it came to sewing the hems, I had real trouble. The fabric kept slipping and so my stitch lines were a little wavy lol Still, I’m pretty pleased with how it turned out considering I haven’t sown for ages. What do you think?

Sunday was spent at Church in the Morning and then I dashed off to grab a lift with Mum and Dad down to Dagenham to visit our family for Mother’s Day. Lot’s of gifts, cards and food :D

After a great weekend, I woke up this morning to a beautiful sunny day and decided that some baking and homemaking was in order. I made some more Apple Sauce muffins and have just got this yummy loaf out of the oven. It’s Alicia’s Oat & Honey loaf. It doesn’t look much like hers but I’m hoping it will taste great!

I hope you had a wonderful weekend, let me know what you did…




Darlene Hull said...


Mary said...

Ah Niki, sounds like a perfectly lovely weekend!
Love the pic of you and Ellie. We had a dog that was part Dalmatian, part Black Lab, Lucy. She smiled!!
Really like how your curtain turned out and the bread looks
marvelous!!!! I want to see pics of the blanket you are doing.

Niki said...

Thanks Mary! Yes Ellie smiles too, when she is really happy lol so cute.

I will do a bit more on it and post pics this week to show you. xxx

Helen said...

Love that curtain!

Niki said...

Thanks Helen! xx

Enrouge (Karla) said...

Great pictures Niki!! That one of you is lovely--so pretty! And the bread . . don't get me started! It looks so good. How do you get such a crispy looking crust? And you kitchen curtain is so cute. I love those. I have one in our kitchen, too! Maybe I'll have to blog about mine, too. : )

Niki said...

Hi Karan
Thanks! We didn't roll the dough smooth and put slits on the top which made it extra crusty, yummy! Yes I'd love to hear about your kitchen curtain, blog it! xx