March 09, 2010



First came apple sauce muffins yum yum! And then…


My first fresh baguettes! What’s all this about? I hear you ask, well, my Mum gave me her Kenwood Chef recently and I’ve been so excited to try it out! Hubby keeps asking me when we are going to make our own bread, so this morning I decided to have a go. What a nice surprise that will be for him when he gets home tonight :D Providing it tastes as good as it looks lol

Yesterday I was also in the mood for making a start getting our home into shape. We have virtually the whole house to decorate and since last year was all about getting the back garden re-landscaped we didn’t have any time or resources for the rest of the house. Now we still have some landscaping left to do but since we had to stop over winter we’ve been working inside and Hubby has had loads of prep to do for the hall, landing and stairs. So we just have some plastering to do and I think we will then be ready to paint at last yay! We’ve chosen watercolour green, it’s going to look gorgeous with an off white for the wood work. Exciting stuff!

So I’ve been trawling through Flickr for more vintage inspired ideas for the other rooms of the house. I ordered some gorgeous floral fabric to make a little curtain for our cubby in the kitchen and am trying to think what else I can do with our currently very ugly windowsill. All I can do is jazz up what it’s like already with fabric and jars etc until we can makeover the whole room. I’m going to start making visiting our local thift shops a regular pastime to see what I can collect :D Fun! I need to make some sort of curtains or something to make the window pretty too. It’s a large window but very old and has a brown laminated windowsill. Perhaps I ought to take some pics next time to show you?

Anyway, I’d love to see any links to vintage style pictures, patterns, ideas etc you might have to inspire me. I love shabby chic vintage so keep an eye out for me won’t you :)

Back to painting now…




Mary said...

Oh yum is right!! Your baguettes looks fabulous Niki!!! I bet they were terrific while still warm with some lovely butter on them. Oh, I'm getting hungry!! :)

Isn't it fun nesting, and getting our homes in order - one of may favorite things to do.


Niki said...

Hi Mary
Yes the bread tasted lovely, just had some for lunch!

It is fun, I'm looking forward to seeing the transformation.