July 23, 2010



We’ve had some pretty weird weather here lately. Yesterday we had some mild storms, lot’s of lovely rain and then the sun was out and the rain came down, but where was the rainbow? I couldn’t see it from my house.

I was thinking, I don’t often see them but when I do wow do they blow me away. We once saw a double rainbow when we were walking Ellie, wish I’d had my camera with me.

This little painting ‘Rainbow Cottage’ was inspired by my love of country and rainbows!

Lot’s of sparkle on this one, you know I just couldn’t resist :)

Have a wonderful weekend, I’ll be back blogging early next week.




linda said...

Hi Niki! Super cute piece! The great thing about painting is that you can just invent whatever you want...maybe a triple rainbow :) hehe... btw, just wanted to say I enjoy watching your Mixed Media course videos...I couldn't comment for some reason though, so wanted to say thank you here :)

Niki said...

Yes you are right, that's probably one of the main reasons I love painting - making up my own world! So glad you are enjoying the class, will look into the commenting issue, thanks for letting me know xx