July 21, 2010

Announcing my latest class – Style & Inspiration!


Thanks for your thoughts on routines, if you haven’t read my post from yesterday check it out and let me know your views, I’d love to hear them.

When I started out with these new online classes my intention has always been to share them in a way that will truly benefit your growth as an artist and help you to learn as much as I can possibly share to get you on your way.

Now that Mixed Media Basics is drawing to the end I am now ready to release my next class – Style & Inspiration.

In Mixed Media Basics we learnt literally all the basics with some teaching on painting too. I am so passionate about encouraging you to nurture your own abilities for drawing and painting and so Style & Inspiration is all about doing just that.

I want you to find out what makes you squeal in delight, what makes you want to run to your studio and sketch out that idea and start laying down paint. What makes you so excited you just have to do something about it.

When you are hurting and need comfort, what you respond to most in terms of creation.

And, finally teaching you how to see like an artist!

In this fun class we are going to take ourselves on a journey of discovery. We will be delving into the depths of our hearts and seeing the world (Well, ok Suffolk lol) we will be loving and kind to ourselves and really nurture what’s inside just waiting to come out into our own expressions.

Will you join me on this exciting adventure?

Class starts 16th August and pre-booking is now open. Mixed Media Basics students are eligible for $5 off the class price, just email me.

I really hope you join me, this is going to be life changing!




hannah said...

Hi hun! I asked this on your facebook page then I remembered that it doesn't actually let you know when some leaves a comment. I just wondered, does it matter if you haven't taken the mixed media basics basics class before doing this one?

Niki said...

Hi Hannah
No not at all, every is welcome! Would love to have you join us. xx