July 20, 2010

Routines – Love Them? or Hate Them?


Lately I’ve been trying to put more routines in place. I tend to get quite stressed if I have a lot on and don’t know where to start. My trusty diary helps so much but still I find myself craving more of a routine during the day.

I let things slip in like “Oh I must do the laundry” or “Oh I need to pop out and get such and such” you know. Then before I know it my to do list has gone from 4 big things to do to a load of things to try to fit in in one day and it just can’t be done!And then of course there are those unexpected disruptions of the not so good kind that crop up from time to time – lately a lot! Like my laptop battery ac blowing up…

So I’m thinking I need to stay focused and have a routine in place so I don’t fall behind on the important things.

What do you think about routines and how do you use them in your day to day life, including your work/business?




linda said...

I definitely think it's good to have routines, because it builds up over time. However, it only works for me when it's something small and approachable and I still give myself the flexibility. If something happens and I have to skip on something, I don't beat myself up. I guess they are just guidelines?!

Jamie said...

I love them and hate them, but can't deny their usefulness. In my experience and estimation it's really about commitment though, followed through with action, and that can play out for different people in a variety of different ways. That said though, making the time to work everyday pays big dividends over time.

The Vintage Artist - Niki Jackson Whimsical Mixed Media Artist Suffolk said...

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