August 23, 2010

You Are Good Enough!


Following on from my last post, I sat down to paint my first painting since my miracle and look what came out! I was painting in the background first and trying to see what was there and then I saw them, these two little whimsical characters and a little house. I went with it and discovered that these two are symbolic of what has happened to me and I knew instantly that this would be called ‘You ARE Good Enough!’. How perfect!

It’s been quite an adventure to paint since my miracle, I’ve felt like God is working on me to refine my skills and paintings are happening that are total surprises to me, like this one. I think they are quite cute, don’t you?

Looking forward to sharing more with you on this adventure.




Kelly said...

Tres cute! Tres cute!

Sy said...

Hello, Blue Bunny!!! I love him!!!