June 07, 2011



I’ve always been passionate about drawing, it’s something that has brought me much joy and while I’m in the process of drawing something, everything else around me is silenced and I feel at peace. Losing your self in a drawing is wonderful.


Just lately I’ve been trying to make drawing a bigger part of my life and I’m really loving it.

At the weekend I was feeling particularly anxious on a car ride and whilst waiting for Hubby I decided to get out a piece of paper from my bag and a pen and just drew. It didn’t matter what it was, or if it was any good I just drew because I wanted to and instantly the anxiety left me. There’s something about refocusing your energy into something positive that drives the fear away. So I intend to make this a habit, to help keep me calm when I feel vulnerable and also just to enjoy more of this wonderful gift I’ve been given by God.


I started up ‘The Journal Project’ recently and it’s been such a great thing to get people drawing again and making drawing a bigger part of their lives. The simplicity of taking paper and a pencil just makes it so much easier to begin.

I hope you’ll join us and share your sketches.




Kelly Watts said...

It's amazing what drawing something positive can do for a person. I have always found so much peace in this process. Thanks for sharing.
Hugs and blessings.

Vicki said...

So true!