July 26, 2011

Butterflies and Blue Skies


I was sitting sketching in the garden yesterday, look what I saw!! Not one but two Red Admiral butterflies enjoying sitting on my new top on the washing line. I worried at first they might be eating it lol but on closer inspection they were just enjoying sitting there together…how sweet!


How beautiful they are! They stayed there for ages, at least 30mins, I also had lot’s of Cabbage Whites fluttering around the garden and then would you believe it another Red Admiral came and sat on my other washing but as soon as I went to take a pic it flew off. Seemed quite a hyper butterfly to me by the way it was flying around lol.


In other news, my Etsy followers will be pleased to know I’ve decided to re-open my shop. It’ll be running alongside my website and other sites.

I’ve just listed my latest painting ‘Sun Rise’ over there, hope you enjoy.





rebekah leigh said...

I will head to your shop now. I'm thinking of having a big cartel and an etsy shop.. I like Etsy for lots of other things even if sales are slow. Ive made great connections through it and done some great swaps too.