July 21, 2011

Putting the Vintage Touch on Our Bedroom…


For the last month, we’ve been decorating our bedroom. It’s the first time we’ve been able to since moving in, back in Aug 2007. It’s so exciting to be able to put our touch on our own home, we rented before and I’ve never felt free to express my decor tastes until now.

It’s slow progress it feels as there is so much prep to be done but we are finally getting closer to painting stage. I’ve already got the first coat of satin wood on the woodwork and Hubby has been busy with loads of sanding, paint stripping, and hole filling. We’ve gone for a very vintage/country looking theme, calico white, soft green and some gorgeous rose wallpaper for the feature wall.

You can see the before and progress pics on my Facebook albums.

Back last year before we had officially decided on a colour scheme I started a ripple blanket for our bed. I didn’t get too far with it and it looked like this…


Pretty but not quite right for what I am wanting, so a few attempts later and a few balls of the wrong shade we are now well on the way with the right colours hooray!!!


That’s the wallpaper we’ve gone for in the background, I just need to buy the light pink to complete the colour striping and then it’s repeat, repeat, repeat, until it’s done. It’s going to look so gorgeous.

I’ll keep you posted with our progress, I can’t wait to have the room finished and we can enjoy it then. No more staring at ugly walls, mentally decorating a thousand times over, hooray we are nearly there!

Have you been doing any decorating this year?



P.S If you want to see more of my ideas for the rest of the house you can check out what I’ve been pinning over at Pinterest.


The Vintage Artist - Niki Jackson Whimsical Mixed Media Artist Suffolk said...

[...] I started a ripple blanket for our bedroom? I started it about three times I think lol but I finally got the colours right for [...]