July 29, 2011

Love Birds


lovebirdscloseup'Love Birds'

5 x 5" Acrylic mixed media on a vintage bingo card

We've got a busy weekend ahead, a wonderful Wedding to attend on Saturday so it's all systems go getting everything prepared. I'm videoing the event and need to put the finishing touches to my outfit :D

Have a great weekend, I'll be back next week with more delightful paintings.



Kimberly Glesenkamp said...

I love your artwork Niki! It makes me feel warm and comforted. So beautiful, keep creating!

Niki said...

Aww thank you Kimberly!! Glad to hear it makes a difference to you x

Kimberly Glesenkamp said...

@: You know I'm a fan of yours. You put a lot of love and character into your work. Out of the hundreds of people I've favored on Etsy, your art always sticks out in my mind.

Niki said...

Wow thank you Kimberly that means a lot! x