August 02, 2011

Sketching Bliss


I’ve been really enjoying daily (almost) sketching in my Moleskine. Now I’ve got into the groove of it and don’t think about it too much (meaning worry) I just sketch away and enjoy myself. Last night I enjoyed listening to the latest Paper Wings Podcast and sketched the above, I was in a ‘eyes’ mood. Open-mouthed smile

I even had the courage to take my sketchbook and draw at the Physio waiting room last week whilst waiting for my Mum. I shrinked back when I got nice comments (I’m still shy about getting attention for my drawing, silly I know) and just kept sketching lol. Yes I am serious about making drawing a much larger part of my life even if I am really shy about it and want to hide when people look at me. It’s a growing thing I know I need to get over!!

Practice is what is required on all counts!

Anyway, fellow sketchers I want to take the opportunity to invite you over to our group: The Journal Project where we share our sketches, encouraging each other to do a little drawing daily. Come and join us.

It’s been a hot and humid day today, I’m hoping as we walk Ellie in a bit it’ll be a lot cooler.

Have a great evening




rebekah leigh said...

Oh Niki you are so good! I need to do this too...Well done for taking your drawing 'out' so to speak! I get terribly embarrassed too when i get compliments so I know what you mean! There really is no need though we should be proud!

letterhead design said...

I do that too, like mostly after breakfast I get my sketch pad, and draw something and sometimes its just nothing like a collage perhaps. Those were pretty sketch by the way, and I have to admit I'm not good at sketching peoples' faces..

Niki said...

Thanks friends xx